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An immersive experience that goes well beyond the polygon

A lot of the marketing thus far for the Microsoft HoloLens has concentrated on the graphics. This is completely understandable as few things are as compelling as an attractive image.
There are, however, two aspects of the HoloLens that might be of equal or greater interest to a lot of businesses.

The first is that the HoloLens spends a lot of its time, behind the scenes, taking measurements of the surrounding environment.
These measurements are normally used to either pin virtual objects to the real world or try and make sure virtual objects don't accidentally fall through walls, floors or table tops.

There's nothing stopping anyone from using those measurements in other ways though.

For example, an interior decorator could casually stroll through a customers house with a HoloLens and have all the important dimensions at hand and stored for later reference. Likewise, a project manager responsible for the selection of a new factory site could tour potential new sites, be able to go through a mock fit-out and confirm with a high degree of confidence whether a particular site was going to work or not.

Maybe there's a need in the business to deal with inconveniently sized or shaped objects on a regular basis.
With the HoloLen's ability to not only measure but also keep track of the wider environment, there's nothing stopping staff being able to talk a stroll around an object and have a HoloLens app do all the hard work of determining size, volume and the like.

The second feature of the HoloLens that hasn't received a whole lot of marketing attention from Microsoft yet is voice recognition.

Voice recognition extends the role of the HoloLens from an interactive 3D tool to a hands free interactive 3D tool.
Imagine a mechanical engineer, elbow deep in complicated machinery, being able to casually ask HoloLens to retrieve not only the technical specifications for particular item but also be able to have it displayed in place on the real world machinery being worked on.

The Microsoft HoloLens is opening up a multitude of interesting possibilities for business.

If all this is starting to sound pretty interesting but you're not sure how to best take advantage of the HoloLens specifically for your business, you may be interested in a Readify JumpStart day.

Readify JumpStart is a full day workshop split into two distinct halves.
The morning is an exploration of the HoloLens from a business perspective with the chance to discuss the various aspects of the device itself.
The afternoon is dedicated to investigating a problem within your business that might be best solved with a HoloLens.

By the end of it, you should be well versed in what the HoloLens can offer to your business and have a rough outline of how to go about it.