Data & Analytics

Across lines of business and distinct functions, rapid adoption of cloud applications is introducing complexity and accelerating the need for robust data integration and Master Data Management. Hybrid environments of both cloud and legacy on-premise systems are now the norm, presenting challenges on how data is utilised across those disparate sources.

The volume, variety, veracity, velocity and value of data continues to grow exponentially within structured, unstructured and semi-structured environments. These environments can and should be leveraged for data-driven insights.

Organisations are looking to harness the power and value of analytics with better self-service for business users and citizen analysts with more reliable, real-time data.

Readify is united by our passion for tackling complex business problems with elegant, innovative and data-driven technology solutions. Our approach to professional services has earned us the trust and dedication of a large and growing group of customers and a partner of choice for our vendors.

Keeping up with the ever-changing pace of innovation means we can develop, test and deploy large solutions in a simple way, ensuring we deliver value to our customers faster.

Our Data & Analytics Practice has been set up to accelerate the Advanced Analytic journey of our customers by effectively utilising modern technologies that equips organisations to focus on three strategic priority areas:

The three pillars of the D&A practice that enables the focus on these areas are through:

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