Readify helped KINNECT drive collaboration, improve business processes and its aim to achieve ISO 9001 quality certification.


KINNECT has been helping workers be safe, healthy and productive for 20 years. They provide injury prevention and management advice along with health and medical services to corporations, government departments and the not-for-profit sector.

A strong and vibrant business, KINNECT have a national network of around 100 people delivering award-winning health and safety services in a broad spread of metropolitan and country areas.

With 20 employees based in head office supporting 80+ healthcare professionals in the field, there's a constant need for document management, communication, account coordination and other client-related activities.

A great working environment means all people work for each other; collaborating across disciplines. To do this effectively, KINNECT has a heavy dependence on technology to facilitate collaboration and manage digital documents.

KINNECT prides itself on its flat structure, open leadership and employing an A-players. Kevin Conlon, KINNECT's founder, and managing director, has always supported the development of his people.

“We've always taken a lot of pride in how we develop and look after our people. We don't just pay lip service to creating a great working environment - it's genuinely a key focus area for us.”

Kevin Conlon, Founder & Managing Director

High-quality processes and robust IT systems are non-negotiable when they are supporting the provision of nation-wide health services in a fast growing company.

After engaging another organisation to help migrate to Office 365 (O365) KINNECT needed something more - a simple 'lift & shift' was sub-optimal. To get the project back on track, KINNECT engaged software development experts at Readify to help.


Readify assisted KINNECT by customising KINNECT's cloud-based solution to improve document management, drive collaboration and provide a foundation for ongoing business growth. The project was completed in under 2 weeks and helped KINNECT in its ongoing drive to achieve ISO 9001 certification.

There were numerous challenges

KINNECT were already using technology across numerous platforms including Office 365/SharePoint, Skype for Business and OneDrive.

While the technology was in place, many features were under-utilised for example:

At the same time, KINNECT were aiming to get ISO 9001 quality certification but existing processes and systems meant the organization would have fallen short around the ISO requirement relating to document management and authorization.

Readify delivered value in 2 weeks.

Working collaboratively with a combined team from KINNECT including their MD, various members of the leadership team and an external consultant helping KINNECT with their ISO 9001 processes.

Feedback was provided daily on to ensure progress and productivity continued through the 2-week timeframe. Used Visual Studio online, Readify would write, test and push to production via running a script; keeping the team up to date and involved as needed.

A key element was a project was a review of KINNECTS policies, procedures, and other business records. Documents were categorised based on the ISO 9001 Standard which required special consideration for many items including:

As a result of this project, KINNECT now has a logically structured intranet containing text, videos, link to reporting and Yammer integration for improved communications.


Improved document management, great collaboration and a more cost effective foundation for ongoing business growth.

KINNECT now have their business policies & procedures, aligned to the ISO 9001 Standard.

By using the document centre & record centre functionality in SharePoint, better risk and document management practices are employed - including improved authorisation, history & record keeping.

Manual processes have been automated. Rather than a manual process of document and version management, KINNECT now uses SharePoint to track changes, version & date a document all the while synchronising the authorisation of publication process.

KINNECT now have a better history of documents, improved integration with Word, and all the benefits of the cloud including back up, better availability, ability to work remotely. With many remote offices, this is important.

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