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Many organisations have digital transformation and data estate modernisation as a "must-have" on their strategic roadmap, however the struggle to get the journey started is real. Impeded by aging infrastructure, stale documentation, old licences, archaic applications, security concerns, underperforming environments and the "too big to tackle" fear, the conversation can be a tough one. We've seen it many times and we've customised a Strategic Roadmap that enables your organisation to embark on digital transformation and data estate modernisation journey.

Data Estate Modernisation

What is a modernised data estate and is it something you even need? We can help you investigate further if you've had any of these challenges:

  • Make better business decisions
  • Have more efficient operations
  • Grow your revenue
  • Increase your competitive advantage
  • Drive an end-user self-service culture
  • Reduce operational expenditure

How do you get started? With a current Data Estate Assessment! We are a team of highly experienced consultants who will work with you and your data to understand exactly what you have, what dependencies exist and who has access. Once you understand everything you have as a starting point, it’s time to establish your data strategy.

Cloud Readiness

Planning for a cloud migration or deployment often starts with a laundry list of challenges that are not always easy to address:

  • Identify what can be migrated
  • Determine the migration impact
  • Estimate the costs
  • Buy the right amount of cloud
  • Determine what is driving consumption and be aware of the peaks
  • Identify suitable service provider and region

A cloud environment is only a cost-effective solution if you size it accurately and leverage it efficiently. We run an Actual Resource Consumption scan of your current environment to provide you with the insights you need to answer complex questions.

Transformation & Optimisation

In order to save valuable time and money while enabling your organization to run as effectively as possible, your IT environment needs to be structured in a way that allows for maximum performance. You need a real-time understanding of what you have, how it’s being used, when, by whom – and most importantly, what you should change to make it better. Get a clear view on:

  • Subscription software installations
  • Surplus hardware
  • Overprovisioned cloud resources
  • Container optimisation opportunity
  • Server sprawl
  • Unsupported platforms and applications
  • True-up and possible reallocation of software licenses
  • Applications or databases ideal for the cloud

Knowing what you have is half the battle – we can help you identify vulnerabilities and then provide you with the information needed to secure it. By regularly scanning your environment, you can identify cybersecurity risks, highlight deviations from standards and identify unusual patterns like frequency of logins or password resets. This will generate alerts and prompt you to act and secure your environment. Our assessment will help you identify:

  • Unauthorized users
  • Inappropriate system access
  • Previously-undiscovered devices or environments
  • Orphaned objects
  • Passwords that don’t expire
  • Copies of sensitive databases
  • GDPR and compliance needs

Using our extensive experience, we can help you transform and optimise your data estate, determine and assist with cloud migrations while ensuring adherence to cybersecurity best practices and standards.

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