DevOps is the next step in improving agility, collaboration and responsiveness in organisations.

It's a cultural and tooling transformation that brings together everyone involved in turning ideas into working software, running in production and doing so in a way that eliminates waste, improves feedback, and allows organisations to understand how to make more out of the investments that they've made and to experiment with ideas so that the can move ahead of their competition.

Automated Pipelines

Automated build and deployment pipelines are a fundamental enabler of a DevOps culture.

Being able to trust that code has been through an automated, rigourous testing and verification pipeline means your teams can confidently make changes and roll them out to your end users in seconds not days, giving you the ability to increase your responsiveness and get a return on your investments sooner.

Readify has extensive experience in building all manner of automated pipelines. From cloud deployed web sites all the way up to multi-platform, multi-cloud, multi-device pipelines and chained approvals across environments with multi-stage server farms, docker, kubernetes, and stages that cover deployment health checks, security verifications, licencing and compliance checks, WCAG verifications and more. We stand ready to help you.

Operational Instrumentation and Feedback Mechanisms

It's fantastic to be able to deploy a high quality application in seconds, but in a DevOps culture you also want to know how that application is running in production. To know if people are using it as expected. To know if you need to scale up or scale out your deployment to meet operational needs.

Readify DevOps experts can help you architect, design and instrument your application to report relevant usage statistics that are helpful to both your operational teams and your business stakeholders and product owners. We can configure or build dashboards that make these statistics visible at all times, and we can add alerting systems that provide early warning systems to your operations team so that they can resolve problems early so that your users never realise something was ever wrong.

The usage and feedback mechanisms in the product can also be used as a way of understanding and adjusting your product's functionality to drive even better customer/end-user engagement and increase the value you deliver through your systems. Talk to Readify today about how we can help.

There's so much more

Feature flagging, containerisation and kubernetes, disaster recovery, performance tuning and graceful degradation under extreme load, coping with partial system failures, rolling upgrades and roll back mechanisms, serverless and cloud, mobility, IoT deployments, DevSecOps, and more; the list goes on.

Each and every one of these items may be valuable in your organisation's quest to deliver higher value to your end users and to give them a solution that maximises their engagement with your systems, and raises the overall throughput, availability and responsiveness or your operations.

Let's collaborate to see which of these initiatives are applicable and useful for you and how we can incorporate these into your organisation, improving your overall DevOps culture and your overall agility.

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