Australia’s national location-based insights platform

Telstra Location Insights aggregates and anonymises information from proprietary network assets to provide highly relevant analytics and predictive insights.

Your questions will be answered

Our capabilities help organisations answer questions around anonymised and aggregated population movement.

Behaviour Analysis

Develop unique customer group profiles with data science and lifestyle segmentations.

Event Management

Report on past events and plan for future ones.

Infrastructure Planning

Inform investment decisions through evidence based insights.

Precinct Performance

Understand and predict performance of city hubs and measure impacts of actions taken.

Planning and Forecasting

Better planning and deployment of public services.

You can benefit from these metrics and features

  • Origin & Destination Counts
  • Population Counts
  • Home Location Counts
  • Demographics & Personas
  • Dwell Duration Counts
  • Domestic/International Visitor Counts
  • Origins of International Visitors
  • Frequency Counts
  • Catchment & Trading Area Analysis

Unique Interface

Search and reveal actionable population insights using a unique interface.

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