Community Mentors

Readify Community Mentoring Program

We’re committed to improving diversity and inclusion and we’re taking a proactive approach by supporting underrepresented groups within Tech through our Community Mentoring Program.

This program offers underrepresented individuals free mentoring sessions facilitated by our team, some of our industry’s best and brightest. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, read on.

We recognise that Readify and the broader Tech industry has a long way to go before we achieve the level of diversity we can be proud of and that strengthens our collective businesses. We’re taking a step to correcting this, as your role in our industry is critical and we want to help you maximise your capabilities and get better connected within the industry.

Check out our mentors below to see who is best placed to support you achieve your next goal.

How it works

1. Click the mentors name to view their LinkedIn profile to learn more about their skills and experience.

2. If you’ve found a match, click the register for mentoring button in their profile.

3. Register for a time slot.

4. Once your request has been accepted you will receive a link to the office Hours VoIP meeting.

5. To stay across different community offerings follow us on our Readify LinkedIn page

If you've had a good experience with us and are interested in exploring a role at Readify and would like to talk to someone about what we have on offer, we'd love to hear from you. Hit us up at Readify Careers and we'll be in touch to arrange a chat.


  • Igor Gorelik

    Igor Gorelik

    Lead Consultant

    Specialises in Programming, Xamarin, Hololens, Leadership.

  • Luke Drumm

    Luke Drumm

    Senior Consultant

    Specialises in General Software Development Processes, Consulting, 3D Graphics, Games.

  • Geoffrey Huntley

    Geoffrey Huntley

    Lead Consultant

    Specialises in Software Enginering, DevOps, Open Source, Leadership.

  • Peter McLarty

    Peter McLarty

    Senior Consultant

    Specialises in Databases, Information Management, Information Governance, Data Security, Leadership, Security Governance.

  • Luiz Bon

    Luiz Bon

    Senior Consultant

    Specialises in .Net Core, ASP.NET, WebApi, React, Redux, JavaScript, TypeScript, Webpack, Chatbots, LUIS.

  • Ben New

    Ben New

    Senior Consultant

    Specialises in JavaScript, TypeScript, Serverless Technologies, Cloud Technologies, Amazon Web Services, NodeJS, React.

  • Paul Glavich

    Paul Glavich

    Principal Consultant

    Specialises in Azure, Cloud, Leadership, Devops, High performance apps, Distributed applications.

  • Michael Sync

    Michael Sync

    Senior Engineer

    Specialises in Azure, React, C#, Asp.Net, GoLang, Microservices, DDD, TDD, Rest Api.

  • Yolanie Gamage

    Yolanie Gamage

    Talent Acquisition Manager

    Specialises in Soft skills, Interviewing, Presentations.

  • Dasith Wijes

    Dasith Wijes

    Senior Developer

    Specialises in .Net, Web Api, Azure Functions, Event Sourcing, DDD.

  • Ian Hughes

    Ian Hughes

    Principal Consultant

    Specialises in Azure, Xamarin, Leadership, Agile, Scrum, DevOps, C#, Speaking.

  • Michael John Peña

    Michael John Peña

    Senior Consultant

    Specialises in Blockchain, Azure, Xamarin, Distributed Systems, Automated Software Testing.

  • Bria Madgen

    Bria Madgen

    People Systems and Projects Partner

    Specialises in Difficult conversations, driving people projects, process mapping.