Telstra & Readify partner with one of Australia's largest banks to improve the UX of their Staff Deals App

Customer profile

Our client is Australia’s leading provider of financial services including retail, premium, business and institutional banking, funds management, superannuation, insurance, investment and sharebroking products and services, with more than 800,000 shareholders and over 52,000 employees.

Sector: Finance
Country: Australia


Staff Deals is the clients' own employee discount program, unique amongst Australian organisations

As one of the most popular employee benefits, it has excellent engagement, reaching 51,800 employees with 41,310 dedicated users, 200 retail partnerships and employee-based sales of $3-4M generated annually.

However, despite high engagement with the product, the Staff Deals App and website are outdated and not meeting the digital experience expectations of employees. Employees expect their digital experience at work to match their experiences as a customer.

Employee engagement is critical to the client's business success, and re-invigorating the Staff Deals App represented a unique opportunity to positively impact the employees' perception of the bank and lift their motivation.

Our Challenge

Improve the Staff Deals App user experience to leverage business success and increase employee engagement

Our client needed to understand what their employees valued and wanted, and how they could best meet their needs to uplift employee engagement and satisfaction, creating a convenient, engaging and fun experience, surprising and delighting employees with lifestyle benefits that add value to their everyday lives.

Our challenge was helping the Staff Deals App internal teams to identify and prioritise the right problems, providing insights for solutions and the right tools to create and measure results, paving the way for the next product development stage.

Our Approach

The Readify Innovation & Design team was with the client for 12 days, conducting research, running workshops and product ideation with stakeholders and employees to create and refine a strategic product backlog and a roadmap that will guide the product evolution towards success.

Customer research

During the first week with the client, the team interviewed employees, business bankers and retail partners collecting qualitative data to understand the current on boarding experience at Staff Deals, their user behaviours and motivation, app usage and pain points, user goals, perception of deals and the overall experience on the website and app.

Qualitative data was combined with quantitative results coming from an internal survey and another survey was created to quantify the most relevant qualitative findings. Groups of metrics were defined to guide success and product decisions.

Research findings were synthesised on five personas: The Mom, The Millennium, The Bargain Hunter, The Business Banker and The Retail Partner. Each persona also incorporated different buyer journeys, patterns and behaviour through awareness, motivation, engagement, decision, purchase and referral. Personas and scenarios were incorporated on the following ideation and prototyping workshops.


Two workshops were organised with the client business stakeholders to identify what’s important for the business, map the organisational context that Staff Deals sits within and capture stakeholders' assumptions, questions and ideas.

Following workshops were organised with employees, retail partners and business bankers to explore research findings, co-create and test solutions. More than two hundred ideas were generated along with sixty-seven prototypes, solving problems around personalisation, messaging and notification, campaigns, deals and offers, social collaboration, content optimisation, search and support.

A last workshop with the client business stakeholders was conducted to identify themes, user stories and define a Business Value Roadmap sliced into next and following release.
All results and artefacts were consolidated in a final package, to be used by the client to build a business case for the development phase.


With Readify, the client was able to ensure that future investments to develop the Staff Deals App are validated solutions that deliver value and are fit for purpose, narrowing the scope for the next phase of development in a more assertive way.

Clarity was brought around the Staff Deals App in comparison to other Australian organisations' benefit programs and how retail partners value the brand association with the client as a strategic relationship, to enhance their brand strength and integrity.

Readify successfully engaged with employees and retail partners and got them to positively share their pain points and preferred solutions with the Staff Deals product team. By working collaboratively with an external partner, the client experienced how to deliver results with shared understanding in a very short amount of time.

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