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IXUP is an Australian software company specialised on secure data collaboration. It’s data collaboration platform enables matching of data across silos to provide insights in a secure environment
Sector: Information Technology
Country: Australia


From a niche market, with a very specific product the business now serves a different, bigger or more diverse customer base

IXUP data collaboration software provider is a startup and its platform was originally created to fulfil specific business goals and users needs of actuarial and insurance consultants.

After going public, raising $12.5M in initial public offer in November 2017, the company was compelled to change its product strategy and adapt to different market segments and diversify solutions, but first needed to deliver the product in agreement with it's first investor and shareholder.

Our Challenge

Supporting transition and guiding on new direction and growth

IXUP needed help to optimise its product usability and improve the user experience for the final deliverable in contract. The product team had the challenge of in one month creating a workbench to give users quick access to critical information and task flows, and improve the whole user experience on the current system.

Concurrently, while working on its final deliverable and before the product repositioning, IXUP also counted on Readify Innovation & Design team to further understand and explore product use cases, validate product market fit and identify new product requirements

Our Approach

Workbench Design Sprint

In the first week, the Readify Innovation & Design team ran a design sprint with IXUP to collaboratively create a conceptual workbench and address the platform most essential usability problems.

1. Understanding users and journeys

On Monday were specified system user roles, user tasks, user flows, user pain points and opportunity for user flow optimisation.

user roles and tasks

2. Problem definition and ideation

On Tuesday the team worked on problem definition, identifying assumptions and creating hypothesis that were prioritised. In sequence the ideation and sketching session was conducted for the workbench co-creation.

By the end of the day after exploring different possibilities the team voted on the best solution that would be worked in detail on the next day.

paper mockups wireframe 1 wireframe 2

3. Building an interactive prototype

On Wednesday the team prototyped detailed wireframes, considering system navigation, content structure, labels naming, messaging. An interactive prototype was build for the next day when wireframes would be presented and validated by IXUP stakeholders before user tests.

4. Validating with stakeholders

On Thursday the team presented the interactive prototype to stakeholder validation, feedback and alignment and wireframes were updated for next day user tests.

feedback session 1

5. User tests and refinement

On Friday the team conducted user walkthroughs on the interactive prototype and gathered feedback from contextual interviews. Usability issues were identified and wireframes were updated. By the end of the week, IXUP team had created and validated a conceptual workbench that went to the software delivery phase on the following week.

feedback session 2

Product Repositioning and Uplift

Stakeholders interviews and workshops were conducted to define new market segments for IXUP platform, create proto-personas and a unique sales proposition.

In parallel, Readify also worked on competitors analysis and expert design review on the current platform, improving the current product look and feel, information architecture, content and usability.


Usability issues were also identified and reported during use test cases on the platform with the development team.

Customer Research

An exploratory research was organised to validate market fit and proto-personas, revisit and further understand product use cases, identify existing legal requirements in which the product had to perform within, understand if and how legal and/or contractual obligations should be made available within the system and to understand the mechanical framework to source and work with data.

Interviews were conducted with data scientists, data analysts and product managers from government, banking, wealth management, health care, food and accomodation, higher education, retail manufacturing and automotive industry.

persona 1 persona 2 persona 3


In six weeks Readify helped IXUP to deliver a complete new and core functionality, improved the product usability and the overall experience of current users of the platform, guided stakeholders on developing a new unique selling proposition, redefine and validate market fit, target audience, and identify new product requirements for the platform.

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