We are a group that is diverse in thought, experience and background.

Our Beliefs

Here at Readify - we are what we believe. And what we believe informs our work. Those values include:

We apply an agile mindset to everything
We embrace diversity
We trust and empower our people
We are invested in our customer's success
We love learning
We live for our community


We understand that when partnering with a solution innovator like us you want to be involved in the work. It's part of the reason we value agility so highly. It's why we embody openness, focus, respect, courage, and commitment in all we do. It's why we rely on transparency, inspection, and adaptation so that we can deliver outcomes that go beyond your original ideas and produce something beyond what you may have envisioned.

This isn't the only reason we embrace agility and make it part of our DNA. In this ever changing industry agility allows us to respond to changing demands, to adjust our work styles to suit our people, to support the growth and expertise of our people, and to build genuine teams and communities of our people where we each swarm around problems to support and assist each other so that you, as the customer, get not only the best results of the individuals you work with, but also the backing of Readify's collective intelligence and creativity.


An echo chamber of people who all think, look, and act the same won't help us solve tomorrows problems or tackle todays needs in better ways. We need diversity in our industry and at Readify we believe we have a responsibility to be inclusive and support that diversity. That’s why we openly embrace and encourage diversity in all its forms - regardless of race, religion, gender identity, marital status, culture, age, sexuality, or disability. Our strength comes from the breadth and variety of our ideas and backgrounds and our team is living proof of that.

Trust and empowerment

Micromanaging is not our thing. We trust and empower our people by giving them the autonomy and flexibility to deliver outcomes to our customers in the way they deem most appropriate. We hire smart people and get out of their way.

Customer success

We are deeply invested in our customers’ success because when you win, we all win. We want you to enjoy long term health, not a quick fix for todays symptoms that leaves you worse off than before. We'll empathise and put ourselves in your shoes. We'll advise you on what solution we think may best serve you in the long run because we want to work with you, not for you.

Love of learning

At Readify, we value learning and have a constant drive to improve. That’s why we offer 20 paid days of personal development to our employees and encourage them to attend (and present) at conferences, like Developer Developer Developer (DDD) and NDC, and at meet-ups like Women in Technology, Gay Geeks, SheHacks and Alt.Net. We don’t rest on our laurels. So if there’s a more efficient way to do things, you bet we are going to learn about it, try it, and share our experiences with you.


Our community is what makes coming to work worth it. (And we’re not just talking about the table tennis tournaments, trampolining and team lunches.) We are a group of like-minded individuals who love our work and are invested in Readify and the wider software development community. Our democratic structure means no one is out of reach — you won’t get fired for emailing the CEO. We prioritise collective success over individual, but are quick to share when our people are being awesome.

Our Story

A lot has changed since we started as a training centre for .NET - Microsoft’s iconic developer platform - in 2001. What started as a teaching company providing Monash qualifications has morphed into a consulting service for premium software solutions, working across multiple programming languages.

In July 2016, we joined with Telstra and have continued to gain global recognition for our best-practice software development processes and elite developers. We originally hired our developers from our best performing students. Now we pride ourselves on our rigorous, peer-driven recruitment process; our continued commitment to keeping our 280+ employees across Australia up-to-date with the latest industry insights; and our responsibility to inspire as a thought leader.