In this world of rapidly changing technology, how does your development team stay at the top of their game?

At Readify, we believe in the power of training and helping our clients enhance their developer expertise. Many of our consultants are certified trainers, officially recognised influencers, or both. Delivering training to our clients, with all of the preparation and subject matter expertise that it entails, keeps our consultants on top of their game. We also source and develop the best curriculum. This is why year after year, Microsoft and other organisations, ask our consultants to speak at their conferences. It's also why our developer training courses are regularly booked out.

As a company of developers, we understand intimately how your technical experts learn. Contrary to the industry norm, our experience is that this doesn't happen by "following the bouncing ball". So our trainers use a variety of techniques, grounded in practical experience, to encourage rapid learning in our clients' teams. In fact, mentoring developers is part and parcel of our consulting model.

Whether your developers attend our free training events, our low-cost Readify DevDays, or you invest in our Industrial Strength Deep Dive Training Courses, you can be assured they're learning from the best, the way they learn the best.

We choose not to run scheduled training. That's because we don't want to dilute the efficacy of our courses by the need to drive volume. We do, however, run public courses. If you are interested in any training in our list of training offerings, or indeed, speaking to us about a custom course for your team on anything to do with .NET and best practice Software Development, call your Account Managers today or our hotline 1300 666 274.

You can also make an enquiry via our website and one of our team will get back to you.