Enterprise Mobility

Whilst a billion people are connected to the Internet via PC, over two billion people have mobile phones. In developed countries like Australia over 90% of new mobile phone purchases are smartphones. The case for developing your application on a smartphone platform is clear. Increasingly your customers, partners, and employees will interact with your organisation from their mobile device.

However developing for the mobile phone is certainly not the same as for the desktop. The mobile device places new storage, processing, and input constraints on your application. Then of course you need to consider integration, security, connectivity, and battery life. Finally, the latest advances in smartphone hardware such as a high resolution camera, GPS, and accelerometer, allow you unprecedented opportunities to innovate.

Readify has been working across the mobile platform spectrum. We use a variety of methods to produce compelling native experiences on all the major mobility platforms that users will love.

Our clients include major consumer brands as well as blue chip corporates realising the value of enterprise mobility. We can design, develop and support mobile applications on Windows, Android and iOS.