ALM Consulting

ALM seems to have become the buzzword for IT. However, when you consider rapid changes in technology, evolution of your business drivers, and the organic growth of an application, you can quickly see the opportunities for sound ALM strategies.

Managing an application from design, throughout development, and long after deployment is the determining factor for a successful software project. Arguably it's the critical factor to realise actual business benefit.


Our ALM Expertise

Whilst many software development companies have recently begun espousing ALM, Readify has lived and breathed ALM in all of our projects. Our consultants are regularly requested by clients to mentor their teams, or oversee development practices. Also, we are the Microsoft go-to partner when it comes to practicing ALM on the .Net platform. We help clients get the most out of Microsoft's Team Foundation Server.

Our ALM team includes Certified Scrum Masters & Practitioners, Build Masters and Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) including a TFS MVP and Technical Specialist in Agile/ALM. The specific expertise required to implement an effective ALM strategy include:

Certified Scrum Master: An individual who has undertaken special Scrum Master training and understands the dynamics of team development environments, enabling them to unblock impediments in the software development team.

Certified Scrum Practitioner: An individual who facilitates the development of a Certified Scrum Master. Their role is to provide the mentoring and guidance required to create superior Scrum Masters.

Build Master: An individual who knows how to use a variety of ALM tools and how to get the most of the development environment and tools to drive streamlined release management, build automation and test automation practices.

SDE/T: Testing is important and is about attacking the software systematically and driving out quality issues. This takes the experience of a Software Development Engineer in Test.

If you develop on the .Net platform, use VSS or TFS (any version) we'd love to chat about how we can help increase your productivity, develop higher quality software, and reduce your development costs.

Feel free to give one of our Account Managers a call today on 1300 666 274 for a no-obligation consultation to discuss your needs.