In and Around the Microsoft BI Stack

What is BI? Business Intelligence is the process of extracting insight from a sea of data. For several decades, companies have been collecting large masses of information about their clients, their products, and their processes. From this vast ocean of data, BI extracts the information the business needs to proactively seize opportunities early, prevent problems from escalating out of control, and guide processes to align with strategic and tactical business objectives. The tools in the Microsoft BI Stack are used to accomplish these goals.

In this whitepaper, we will take a look at:
• What business or technical problem each tool addresses
• Who is expected to be using the tool
• Some of the major features of the tool
• What the tool creates

This paper is intended as an introduction to the Microsoft BI Stack. The stack is made up of several tools; they have some overlapping functionality, and the terminology can be confusing. Our objective is to clearly identify what each tool does best, who uses it, how much training they need to succeed, and how all the tools play together. We do not intend to show how to use the tools, and those charged with implementation, whilst needing familiarity with our content, will have to dive deeper elsewhere.

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