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The next generation of mobile first personal and business banking at Westpac and ING

By , 14th December 2014

It’s been a fascinating past few months working onsight at Westpac and ING exploring various business and personal banking solutions. I’ve been involved in consulting and directing strategy around choosing web focus technologies and developing cutting edge prototypes with my excellent ...

Cloud and Identity Access

By , 8th December 2014

Identity and Access Controlling who can access which resources is key for Cloud projects. Recently I was talking with a customer that has external users (partners) and internal users and the ability to  centralize and manage the access for those users is essential. Azure provides ways for ...

Azure RemoteApp will be generally available on December 11, 2014

By , 4th December 2014

Azure RemoteApp delivers Windows Server session-based applications from Azure. Azure RemoteApp, enable users to access corporate applications from anywhere and on a variety of devices, scale up or down to meet the dynamic business needs without large capital expense or management ...

Meligy’s AngularJS & Web Dev Goodies — Issue 6: Performance, Rants, & More

By Mohamed Meligy, 26th November 2014

Here we are again with a few more picks, Angular and stuff… Oh, forgot to say Hi first. Hi! If this is the first time you read this newsletter, check out all previous issues at (you get early access to the picks via subscribing to the newsletter). This time I want ...

Focusing on the Whys of Internet of Things

By , 25th November 2014

If you have been watching the technology media over the last few quarters you would have been hard-pressed to miss all the noise about the Internet of Things (or IoT for those with a fondness for acronyms).

What’s new in #Hyper-V webinar with Symon Perriman

By , 24th November 2014

Join Microsoft’s Symon Perriman to see an overview of the new capabilities coming in the next version of Hyper-V for Windows Server. The new feature will enhance management of virtualized servers, storage, networks, and workloads. Learn about upgrading the fabric and virtual machines, ...

VSS Backups failing after KB3000853

By , 20th November 2014

I have been contacted by some people asking about backup issues they are experiencing on Windows Server 2012 . The issue is related with the Microsoft November update release KB3000853. My recommendation is to remove the update until Microsoft fix the issue as it affected Microsoft and ...

Meligy’s AngularJS and Web Dev Goodies – Issue 5: More Angular 2 vs 1.3

By Mohamed Meligy, 17th November 2014

Hello again, Last issue was so focused on what’s going on with Angular 2.0 and how it’s going to affect Angular 1.3. In future issues I’ll assume you are business as usual with 1.3 while still interested in what the 2.0 situation is going to be like. But for now, this is going to be

Have you heard of Angular-Hint? That’s Available Today for Angular 1.x!

By Mohamed Meligy, 16th November 2014

angular-hint is like js-hint for Angular.JS. It’s a JavaScript file you add to your application (typically in dev/debug mode only). Then it notifies you when you do anything that’s considered an anti-pattern in Angular.JS (or completely wrong, which by default sometimes produces no error ...

I did not realise that Git tracks 5 versions of the same file.

By , 15th November 2014

Git Fundamentals Aha! I’m currently working on a project using Git without Pull Requests. It’s an old version. Hopefully we will upgrade soon. If you can, I recommend working with Git & Pull Requests. It’s a whole world better. Better than vanilla Git. Better than TFS. It solves many of ...

Zombie Bower Packages in Visual Studio 2015

By , 15th November 2014

Are you playing with Visual Studio 2015 and ASP.NET 5.0 (vNext) yet? Good! If you are you may have noticed this little quirk when using Bower packages.

Learn ASP.NET 5 by Learning Node.js

By , 14th November 2014

The ASP.NET team at Microsoft has been steadily been making progress on the next major revision of their web-application platform, commonly referred to as ASP.NET vNext. I think that ASP.NET vNext will drive the biggest shift in how developers build web applications on the ASP.NET ...

Azure Resource Manager included with Azure SDK 2.5

By , 13th November 2014

Over the last couple of days I've put up some posts about Azure Resource Manager (ARM) including a high level post explaining what it is along with a look at some of the currently supported resource types. Overnight at the Connect(); event Microsoft released a preview of Visual Studio ...

Azure Resource Types

By , 12th November 2014

I previously posted up a high level overview of Azure Resource Manager (ARM). The ARM coordinates the provisioning of resources within resource groups inside an Azure subscription. There are different kinds of resources that ARM can provision but right now there isn't a lot of ...

What is Azure Resource Manager?

By , 12th November 2014

With the introduction of the new Azure Portal (preview) it possible to view resources (such as websites, virtual machines and databases) as a single logical unit. This logical unit is called a resource group . The following screenshot shows a resource group called ecommerce-westus which ...

Passion and care is the way to building software that jumps over unexpected hurdles.

By , 11th November 2014

World’s 10 most notorious tyrants Yesterday I heard a principal technical consultant say this to a software development team lead… “If you have any problems with this mob let me know. I find that an elbow to the head works great.” Is this effective? No. I’d say this is a good way to ...

Will AngularJS and Polymer merge in the future?

By , 7th November 2014

All About Polymer at SFHTML5 What is the difference between Polymer elements and AngularJS directives? A question was asked at Google IO this year… “Will AngularJS and Polymer merge in the future?” Interesting. With my recent adventures with handlebars, angular, underscore, polymer, ...

Meligy’s AngularJS and Web Dev Goodies – Issue 4: ng-europe Special

By Mohamed Meligy, 6th November 2014

Hello there, First, allow me to welcome all the new subscribers who joined the newsletter since last issue. You can view the newsletter archive at any time on I’d also like to thank all the subscribers who have been on board for a few issues already. Please make ...

F# Sydney - F# Type Providers and Recursion

By Jorge Fioranelli, 29th October 2014

October's F# Sydney meeting was about F# Type Providers by Hadi Eskandari (@hadi_es) and Recursion in F# by myself. Also Troy Kershaw (@troykershaw) presented the F# news for the month.Here are the recordings:F# News by Troy Kershaw (@troykershaw)Recursion in F# by Jorge Fioranelli ...

How To Make Your First Windows Server VPS Secure In Just A Few Easy Steps

By Mohamed Meligy, 19th October 2014

Today a friend (Amr Eldib) asked a question on Facebook that I think a few of you may have as well: I’ve never setup a Virtual Private Server out in the open on the Internet, and I was wondering how safe it would be? I prefer Windows, because it’s what I know. It’s intended to