About Us

Brilliant People

When you engage Readify, you leverage the collective skills and experience of our entire team, our knowledge framework, methodologies as well as strong support from Microsoft.

Our focus is on recruiting and maintaining the very best team of local and international technical consultants to ensure your organisation is exposed to the worlds most highly trained and skilled developer professionals.

Our Board

The Readify board has decades of experience in both business and technology and provide the leadership required for one of Australia's top application development consultancies.

Executive Director(s)

Graeme Strange Managing Director

Graeme Strange

Non-Executive Director(s)

Russell Yardley Chairman

Russell Yardley

Alexander McNab Director

Alexander McNab

Frank Stranges Director

Frank Stranges

Nick Miller Director

Nick Miller

Our Leaders

The Readify management team is committed to providing the framework for Readify to succeed in delivering application development consulting and managed services to customers and partners.

Shirley Harrod National Sales & Marketing Director

Shirley Harrod

Mark Leopold Strategy Director

Mark Leopold

Michelle Ridsdale People Director

Michelle Ridsdale

Fraser Bearsley Finance Director

Fraser Bearsley

Tatham Oddie Chief Information Officer

Tatham Oddie

Mitch Denny Chief Technology Officer

Mitch Denny

Rosemary Black State Manager, QLD

Rosemary Black

Barry Eldred State Manager, WA

Barry Eldred

Glenn Harris State Manager, VIC

Glenn Harris

Yvette Pearce Marketing Campaign Manager

Yvette Pearce

Alessandro Cardoso Readify National Manager, Solutions Platform

Alessandro Cardoso

Mahesh Krishnan Client Service & IP Management

Mahesh Krishnan

Our Experts

Our expertise stems from our people. We are proud to have eleven Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) within our consultancy team. MVPs are recognised and credible individuals with expertise in Microsoft products.

All of our consulting staff meet stringent levels of proficiency and are continually developing their skills through Readify's Professional Development program. Our consultants demonstrate outstanding problem solving abilities using both managed (C#, VB.NET, C++/CLI) and unmanaged (C++) languages. They specialise in creating rich client applications as well as web-based applications using various tools and technologies available in the .NET platform (i.e. Windows Forms, WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET, XML Web Services).

When you engage Readify, you leverage the collective skills and experience of the entire Readify team, its knowledge framework, methodologies and strong support from Microsoft.

Our consultants are currently engaged as technical leads on the most complex .NET projects in Australia today, and rank amongst the most authoritative and respected .NET thought leaders worldwide. Many have been involved in Microsoft testing programs as well as influencing the direction of Microsoft product development. They are technically elite and due to their dedication to remaining ahead of Microsoft's product release schedules, they are regularly asked to present at major national and international Microsoft events.

Peter Sullivan Software and Solutions Specialist

Peter Sullivan

Richard Banks Principal Consultant

Richard Banks

Andrew Harcourt Principal Consultant

Andrew Harcourt

Steve Godbold Principal Consultant

Steve Godbold

Himanshu Desai Principal Consultant

Himanshu Desai

Rob Moore Lead Consultant

Rob Moore

Liam McLennan Principal Consultant

Liam McLennan

Ducas Francis Principal Consultant

Ducas Francis

Luke Drumm Technical Specialist - Mobile/Windows Phone

Luke Drumm

Emad Alashi Senior Developer

Emad Alashi

Aaron Powell Senior Consultant

Aaron Powell

Filip Ekberg Senior Consultant

Filip Ekberg

Brendan Kowitz Technology Specialist - Web & Mobile

Brendan Kowitz